Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

It is paid to schools according to the number of pupils who have been:

  • Registered as eligible for free school meals at any time in the last 6 years
  • Been in care for 6 months or longer
  • Children of armed services personnel




In 2016/2017 financial year the Pupil Premium is £1320 for each eligible child.  At Ravenscroft we have 123 children eligible for Pupil Premium.  The income for the year was £164,560.

The funding we receive will be used for Teaching Assistant and SEND Specialist Support Teacher support across the whole school for vulnerable and targeted pupils in Foundation, KS1 and across KS2, for one to one tuition in Year 6, Volunteer Reading Support, visits/visitors and additional resources for FSM/Vulnerable pupils.


SIP Priorities/Intervention Strategies introduced

PP-strategy Ravenscroft 2016-2017


Resources/Services purchased to support pupils

  • CLC, promotion of IT and independent pupil learning/resources
  • IT resources and packages/Homework Support
  • Holiday Club access support for vulnerable pupils
  • Emergency fund for vulnerable pupils and families
  • Spare uniform and PE kits purchases
  • Support transport (FSM children) for trips
  • Performances and visitors contributions
  • Pay for most vulnerable children for Outdoor Education visits and transport
  • Purchase Volunteer reading support for targeted pupils in Year 1 and Year 4
  • Booster materials for Year 6
  • 1:1 tuition for Year 6
  • Extra Educational Psychologist time
  • Child Counselling for vulnerable pupils
  • Speech and Language programme ‘A Chance to Talk’ for Reception and KS1 pupils
  • Family Learning Programme and Resources
  • Inclusion Services
  • Attendance/Behaviour Awards
  • Mayors Award for Year 5 pupils
  • Extended Schools & Children University/Gifted and Talented offer



KS2 2016 Maths/Reading/Writing (Teacher Assessment)

Expected Standard

All Pupils                         22%

FSM Pupils                      21%


KS1 2016 Reading/Writing/Maths (Teacher Assessment)


All Pupils                            45%

Pupil Premium Pupils         42%


PUPIL PREMIUM 2015 – 2016

PUPIL PREMIUM 2014 – 2015