Summer Reading Challenge – Wild World Heroes

The Summer Reading Challenge runs in 95% of UK public libraries and online at

Wild World Heroes launches on Saturday 10th July in England and Wales.

Wild World Heroes in libraries 

  • Children sign up at their local library and receive a Wild World Heroes collector poster
  • They set a personal reading goal for the summer and borrow books. eBooks and audiobooks of their choice
  • Each time they finish a book and visit the library, children collect special stickers to add to their poster, plus other Wild World Heroes themed incentives
  • They receive a certificate and/or medal for reaching their challenge goal
  • Library staff and volunteers support children in discovering new authors and exploring a wide range of different types of books
  • Libraries offer a wide variety of events and activities for families to enjoy all summer long
  • Please click on link provided for information from Knowsley Libraries on the summer reading challenge – Wild World Heroes School Letter


Wild World Heroes online

  • Children sign up for website profile at
  • They set a personal reading goal for the summer and receive book recommendations and tips for accessing books for free at home
  • Each time they finish a book, they add it to their profile and leave a review, unlocking digital badges and online reward items along the way
  • They unlock a certificate for reaching their challenge goal
  • Children can play games, enter competitions, share recommendations and more on our free, safe, moderated platform
  • With new Wild World Heroes content to discover each week, the fun will continue throughout the summer to keep families engaged