Olympian visits school!!



We had a special visitor today in school which our head boy and girl and our deputy Head boy and girl got to meet. Wanting to learn more about Rebecca Adlington our children asked her lots of questions and then wrote up a transcript of their conversation.

Q: We asked Rebecca how fast she could swim a 25m pool.

A: She can swim it in about 12-13 seconds.

Q: We also asked her how many medals she had won.

A: She won about 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals.

Q: I asked her even though you compete against other people in the Olympics, do you become friends with them?

A: She said that she makes a lot of friends and most of her friends come from Australia and America because she can’t speak to the people from countries like Russia or China as she doesn’t know how to speak their language. She also said that the boys don’t make as many friends as the girls because they’re more ambitious and competitive.

Q:  We asked when she first started to swim.

A: She said she started at age 3 and began to compete at age 9.

Q: We asked her how she felt before the race she was competing in.

A: She said that she felt like she was going to pass out so she lay on the floor in case she did.