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British Values

We talked about what ingredients are needed to make our own pancakes and what toppings we like.  We looked at the recipe and weighed out the ingredients.  We eat our pancakes, they were yummy!

We celebrated Chinese New Year.  We made noodles and tried prawn crackers.  We talked about how each year is named after an animal and why.


We went to the library to look at the Nick Sharratt exhibition.  We read stories, made pictures and also made our own Sharracters.  We had a fantatstic day.

We had lots of fun digging in the soil to plant our grass seeds.  We had to poke holes in the soil to plant our seed and covered it over.  We talked about what plants need to grow and we took care of them, by watering them and putting them out in the sun each day to grow.

We listened to the story of the Gingerbread man.

We made our own Gingerbread men and ate them.  While we ate them we talked about the story and the characters.