Reception Long Term Plan 2018-2019

Foundation Phonics

Foundation Maths A-CLIC


Reception Maths Awards Scheme

Please see link below to discover our School’s Maths award scheme for children in Reception.

Reception Maths Awards

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

In nursery we are reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  We are having lots of fun acting out the different characters in the story and talking about how they might be feeling.  We have enjoyed making our own porridge and tasting it.  Our porridge was too hot so we went for a little walk to let it cool down.  When we got back to our porridge, all of Mrs Skeaping’s porridge had disappeared.  Goldilocks had come and eaten it whilst we were gone!


On Sudden Hill

In Reception we have been reading a story called On Sudden Hill.  We have met a few of the characters from the story, we have met Bert and Etho, we have designed and decorated our own boxes, wrote notes and made our own class diary.

Christmas Party

We had a fantastic Christmas party, playing lots of party games and having a disco with our friends.


Our Nativity

This year our nativity was called Whoops a Daisy Angel.  The children worked very hard and had lots of fun learning their songs and taking part.

Polar Express

As we get ready for Christmas the fun has really begun. We learnt about instructions and followed them to make our class advent calendar.  We were then luckily enough to meet the polar express conductor in story world.  He gave us lots of jobs before we could go on the polar express such as making trains, making tickets and writing lists of who could go on the train.

We have all started to learn our parts for our nativity and we are getting very good at singing the songs. We are looking forward to putting on the show.




In our CLIC lessons (Maths) we have continued to look closely at numbers. We have a new number each week.  We know we can show these numbers in different ways.  We can write it using digits or letters.  We can tally it, draw it or gather that number with objects.



This half term we have been reading Bedtime for monsters by Ed Vere and Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

While we were reading Bedtime for Monsters we had lots of fun making our own monsters. We also made monster traps and wrote signs to keep the monsters away.  We learnt some new words to describe the monsters such as humongous.

While reading Whatever Next some of us decided to use an old box to make our very own rocket. In our writing books we wrote sentences to say where we would ask our Mum’s to go if we could go anywhere.



Walking Through the Jungle

We have been sharing a story in class called ‘Walking Through the Jungle’. After lots of exploration we invited our parents/carers in to school to act it out with us. We had lots of fun running, swinging, walking, creeping through the net, leaping into the hoops and wading in the water doing big splashes.  We had a little visit from an animal that was in our story, it was a Ball Python named Lilly, we got to hold and stroke her.  We talked about how she felt, if she was soft or hard, smooth or rough and if she was slimy or dry.  We talked about what happens when snakes grow and how they hear and smell things.  We ended our session with singing and dancing and took home some activities to do with our family.