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British Values

Reception had a fantastic time at their trip to Blackpool Zoo.


We enjoyed looking at all of the different types of animals and talked about how big/small they were, what they may eat and where they come from.


We got to go to hold a cockroach, we were very brave!


At circle time we have been looking at different types of farms.


We have looked at dairy farms, arable farms and pastoral farming.

We got to touch, smell and look at the different ingredients before making our cakes, we discussed what they were like and what farm they would come from.


We have looked at different things that come from each farm and made fairy cakes using these items.

We have been reading Jaspers Beanstalk.


We thought it would be a great idea if we could plant our own beanstalk and help it grow.  We discussed how we would look after our beanstalk, we thought that if we planted it in soil, gave it water and put it in the sunlight it would grow very tall like Jaspers.


We got to take our beanstalk home to look after it and watch it grow.


When we brought them back to school we planted them in the soil and watered them.


Hopefully we will see beans growing soon.


At circle time we have been looking at different types of farms.  We enjoyed baking cakes with the products that come from these farms.


For our school trip we had the pleasure of going to the ice cream farm where we got to see some of the animals we discussed in our circle time activity and got to eat some ice cream which was made on site.


We had lots of fun in the water/sand play and play ground.  Having fun under the tree that blows foam out of the top and challenging ourselves on the balancing and climbing equipment.


We also enjoyed going to the farm and seeing the pigs and tiny piglets, the goats and the cows.  We got to stroke a big black pig, he was all prickly.