Nursery Long Term Plan 2018-2019

Work for at Home Summer Term


Hi Nursery!

We hope you all had a lovely half term and have been able to have as much fun as possible during this current situation. We cannot wait to see everybody soon as we miss you lots!

During this time, we are trying to support Nursery as much as possible to continue their learning and development ensuring they are prepared for their return to school. Daily work has been uploaded to our online parent app Tapestry for your children to complete at home where you can upload your children’s learning via photos and videos. Below you can also find some useful links and home learning for your child;

Nursery and Reception stories to read at home;

Interactive mathematic activities;

Each week in Nursery we focus on a new sound and the rhyme that helps them to remember each phoneme. Help your child to sound out and form each letter shown. The link below will help your children how to sound out each phoneme correctly. 

My half-term

Repeated Pattern


Sound Mat



summer 2 website

Weekly Cookery

During our weekly cookery lessons, which the children enjoy undertaking offers a variety of learning experiences. It’s a practical which teaches life skills, as well as academic skills involving gross and fine motor skills, science and mathematics. Time spent cooking also encourages interaction and communication between teachers and children implementing waiting and turn taking. Cookery boosts self- confidence and awareness whilst undertaking tasks independently and collectively, our children understand that their contribution is important and working together is crucial as combined efforts can produce greater results.

Sensory exploration

Our children love getting messy and rely on their senses to explore the world around them by undertaking cookery the children have the opportunity to use their senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Working with different food lets the children focus on their senses. In addition, the children also improve their gross and fine motor skills whilst introducing new language such as ‘stirring, mashing, rolling, pinching, flattening, and kneading’.

Mathematics and Understanding the World (Science)

Increasing the children’s enthusiasm for science and mathematics through cooking in a practical and physical way by observing the changes and discussing what they can see has happened, which can also help to develop their understanding and comparing skills. Mathematics is also incorporated during out sessions by following a sequence of recipes, counting and number recognition when measuring ingredients.

Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year in Nursery, we focused on the similarities and differences of celebrations around the world. We discussed the different events within China during Chinese New Year which enabled the children to extend their vocabulary. We discussed the Chinese festivals and events that take place during this time. The children enjoyed constructing dragon masks, lanterns which we then used for our own classroom carnival dancing, playing instruments, music and trying a variety of Chinese foods.



This term in Literacy we have focused on The Three Bears and Goldilocks. We have explored the main character’s appearance described emotions and how they change throughout the story which we implemented during our Expressive Arts and Design sessions. We have also acted out the story using different props and small world equipment whilst discussing behavioural expectations and how actions can result in consequences. The children all understood the importance of rules and how we need to stay safe within the world around us.

Reception Long Term Plan 2018-2019


Reception Maths Awards Scheme

Please see link below to discover our School’s Maths award scheme for children in Reception.

Reception Maths Awards

We invited parents in to go on a character treasure hunt.  We had a great turn out.  Thank you very much.

With their parents they got to listen and join in with the story of the three little pigs before doing a collage of the three houses that the pigs built.  I don’t know who enjoyed getting more messy the parents/guardians or the children.  It was then time to go on the hunt for some characters.  Together they read the clues.  The children used their blending and segmenting skills to help them read some of the words.  When they had found all the characters the children helped the adults realise they had all the characters from the gingerbread man.  Together they used the story map they had found and the characters to retell the story while enjoying cutting and colouring the them in.

We hope to see you all again for our next event coming soon.

The children have all settled in very well to reception this half-term. One of our favourite stories was The Owl Babies. We enjoyed learning all about owls, making story maps, painting owls, describing the characters and lots more.

In Maths we have been focusing on a new number every week. The children are having lots of fun finding the numbers in our classroom, counting and writing the numbers.