The H.E.A.R.T Awards

At Ravenscroft we work with a lot of heart, so much so that our school values:






spell out the word heart.

The award goes to the person in each class that has best demonstrated one of our school values that week.

This weeks winners are:

Reception – Samuel E (Doing a wonderful job standing in for our Nativity!)

Year 1 –  Poppy M (Always trying hard in her spelling tests)

Year 2 – Harley E (For being a fantastic stand in for the Key Stage 1 performance)

Year 3 –  Joe D (For improving and progressing in his spellings and reading)

Year 4 – Lilie-Mae B (Playing violin so well!)

Year 5 –  Poppy W  (For working hard at her spellings)

Year 6 – Maisie M-L (For getting 104/105 in her spelling test)