Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

All of our year 1 children have had such a wonderful start to the new academic year and have settled so well. I am so proud of all they have achieved already.
Our core text in English has been Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin. The children have been exploring the main characters and their thoughts and feelings throughout the story. We have also been working on writing sentences using the correct punctuation.


The children have been superb in Maths so far this year. They are able to recognise the biggest and smallest number in a sequence and also use vocabulary such as greatest. The children are learning to count all the way to 100 in 1’s and 10’s too through a song.


Our science topic this half term has been all about the seasons of Autumn and Winter. The children have been investigating what happens to the environment during these seasons using observations and also asking the question ‘which season has the longest amount of daylight?’

The children have loved music so far this half term, we have been learning cumulative songs such as ‘Dr Knickerbocker’ and ‘The Menu Song’. The children have become familiar with vocabulary such as tempo and pitch and are becoming increasingly confident with their singing.