Year 1

A Snapshot of Activities in Year 1

We had great fun at the Halloween Fancy Dress party. Mrs. Shaw and Miss. King loved our costumes.


Every morning we have Guided Reading which is helping us to read much more fluently and developing our understanding of our reading.


In D.T we designed and made our own Fruit Monsters and learnt all about good food hygiene.


In Science we have been learning about our senses. We took part in a food tasting session and tasted a variety of salty, sweet, bitter and sour foods.


In Music we sang a rap about football and also acted out a song about The King is in the Castle. Each verse contained a different character with differing movements. We then made up our own verses. Finally we sang using claves, maracas and guiros.


In English we have been writing poems containing the senses. Within class we displayed Colour Poems and in the school corridor we displayed Autumnal Poems using all of our senses.


In Art we have performed a variety of Xmas activities from observational drawings of Yuletide Logs, cutting holly leaves and berries to make a decorative wreath, footprints to make a mistletoes Xmas card and finger printing to make a seasonal tree calendar.


In our topic Around the Local Area, we visited the Medical Centre and asked Wendy the nurse lots of questions so as to find out more information about it. We found out that the oldest attending patient is 101 years old whilst the youngest patient is just a few days old! Wendy said the cleaners in the centre are extremely important people as it is very important to keep the place clean and germ free. We also visited St. Andrew’s Church and learnt about the church services there and also what other services the church has to offer. The church looked really attractive with the Xmas tree and decorations up and we had great fun counting the numerous crosses within church.


Year 1 have had a very busy first half autumn term. We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of some of the various activities that we have been doing.

We went to St.Chad’s Park on a ‘Hunt for Autumn’ and found lots of autumnal evidence. We found pine cones from evergreen trees and sycamore seeds from deciduous trees. Growing in the park were wild berries and mushrooms. We discussed the importance of not eating these as they can be toxic.

In Science we also conducted a shadow experiment and found out that when the sun is lower in the sky, our shadow is longer and when the sun is higher in the sky at mid-day, our shadow is shorter!

In English we had fun re-enacting the story of Tyrannosaurus Drip. We love our Guided Read sessions, especially when our parents come and join us.

In Maths we have been learning about 2 digit numbers and used cubes to partition into tens and ones.

In Geography we have been learning about Our Local Area and we performed a transport survey. We found out that the most popular mode of transport to school was walking and the least form of transport was by train.

In Design and Technology, we made a pictogram of our favourite vegetables and then used these to make coleslaw.

In Music we had great fun acting out the ‘Menu Song!’

We held a ballot and each child voted for their choice of Head Girl and Head Boy.