Year 1

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If we have a worry we get it off our chest and write it down. We then post it in Winston’s Worry Box and he eats them so we can let them go!


We did a class survey to find out about different ways of travelling to school. We made a pictogram to display our results and found out that the most popular method was walking.


We had fun playing a variety of games in our ‘Mini Olympics’ P.E unit.


We made bird feeders for the birds to eat during the cold weather.


We used our senses to feel and describe objects, taste foods and smell items. We then wrote colour poems.


We learnt about the famous artist Piet Mondrian. Then we had fun using a variety of medians and became “Messy Mondrian’s” ourselves!


We performed an experiment and found out that the temperature was colder outside because the ice balloon melted quicker inside.