Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

The children have had a fantastic first half term in Year 2 and have been learning lots of new and exciting things.

At the beginning of the term all the children were able to apply to be our school council representative. The children wrote some brilliant speeches and read them out in class. The children then voted for the child they wanted as their class representative. Well done to all children for taking part and well done to Paul Kelly, our Year 2 school councillor this year.


English – We have enjoyed reading our first text ‘Grendel – A Cautionary Tale about Chocolate.’ We have produced some lovely work including letters of advice, chocolate poems and our own versions of the story. We even made our own chocolate truffles to help us with writing instructions.

Art – We have been creating self portraits. We have been learning how to use our pencils to make different marks. We have finished drawing our self portraits and next we will be using clay to make our faces.

Geography – Our lessons have been based on the seven continents of the world. The children have loved learning the continents song to help them remember the name and location of every continent. We looked closely at the continent we live in and the country France. We had lots of fun learning about the French cuisine and were able to taste some French food. The baguettes and crepes were a big hit…the brie not so much!