Year 3


Our Power of Reading book this half term is Ug Boy Genius of the Stone Age. The children have enjoyed learning all about the Stone Age through Ug’s inventions. The children have researched inventors of the Modern Age and have identified the differences throughout the Ages.  The children have also enjoyed drama and role play as Ug. Our class reading book is The Iron Man. The children have been captivated with the adventures of the Iron Man and have discussed morality and making the right choices.


The children have created their own models of the Iron Man from our class reading book. These were then displayed in a similar way to an art gallery. The children then became art critics and identified what they liked about each the models.


The children have been learning all about nutrition and a healthy diet this half term. The children were particularly surprised by the results of our sugar investigation, were they looked at sugar content in different drinks.  The children also created their own balanced daily diet, which are displayed in class.


The children have been learning how to move in different ways across the floor and beams. The children added different movements together to create a sequence.  The children enjoyed using the spring board to help them create jumps.  We also taught the children how to move safely across apparatus, with the children growing in confidence on the climbing frames, ropes and rope swing.