Year 3

Spring Term



This half term Year 3 visited Kirkby High and participated in some interesting investigations surrounding friction and electromagnets.  This also linked with our Geography topic of Extreme Earth as the children were able to make links to magnets and the Earth’s magnetic field.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed discovering our English book ‘Pugs of the Frozen North.’ They have produced some wonderful Pug fact sheets alongside becoming sports reporters for the Great Race to the Snowfather. Children wrote a script and recorded their report in front of the green screen so we were able to add a frozen themed background.



The children have enjoyed learning about angles greater and less than a right angle through identifying these on their desks using a right angle checker they created.  They have also enjoyed using the Beebots to navigate their way around objects, solidifying their understanding of clockwise and anticlockwise turns.



This term the children have been learning about Clarice Cliff. They have created a wonderful fact sheet, detailing some of her life events.  The children have also produced some wonderful artwork in the style of Clarice Cliff which is now on display in the hall.


This half term the children have been swimming.  The children have developed their confidence so much in the water they were able to have a play session at the end of their swimming lessons.  They were all extremely proud of themselves.