Year 3


In history we have been learning how to use timelines.  We have been investigating the Stone Age and the foods people used to eat and how hunter-gatherers used different tools for different purposes.



We have been learning about nutrition and healthy and unhealthy food groups.  We visited a local farm shop where we purchased different foods for us to try.  We also investigated how our bodies absorb nutrients through our digestive system.



In art this half term we have been researching artist that use scrap materials.  We researched some artists that use household waste, such as bottles and cans and some that use old metal, such as knives and forks.  We collected our own household waste and created our own version of the Iron Man using old boxes, milk bottle tops, yoghurt pots and tin foil.

We have created our own cave paintings using our fingers to create simple paintings.  We have also created our own Stone Age jewellery.



In English this half term the children visited Kirkby High where they participated in drama by re-enacting the tale of Min-na-wee.  This linked to our English book, Arthur and the Golden Rope, which is based on a Norse myth.  In groups the children each produced a short film of a part of the book which made up a whole scene from the book.  The children then watched all three films in class and thoroughly enjoyed seeing themselves on the big screen!

Our class novel this term is the Iron Man.  We have really enjoyed our novel up to now and have re-written the first chapter.  We have also written instructions on how to build an Iron Man.


The children have been working really hard on their multiplication tables this half term. They have used bar models and Cuisenaire to help them learn the multiplications and division calculations for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  The children have worked extremely hard with many of them receiving their bronze maths award this half term.


In geography this half term the children have been learning where our food comes from.  They have discovered the journey of some foods from South America, Morocco and Scotland.  The children found finding out about food miles really interesting, especially how London was closer to Paris than Edinburgh.  The children have also learned about the impact of fair trade in poor communities around the world which resulted in them producing some wonderful fair trade posters.