Year 3

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Year 3 – Maths – Problem Solving and Reasoning

In pairs, we had to listen to rules, which helped us place a cup in the correct sequence.  We had to decide which rules to use first, backing up our ideas with ‘because and reasoning with our partners.

Year 3 – Volcano Homework

In Geography and English, we have been learning all about ‘Extreme Earth’.  We have been reading non-fiction books about earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains.  We are also writing our own information text to show what we have learned about the style and facts.  As homework, the class were asked to make a 3-D volcano.

Year 3 – Design Technology

For our sandwich making topic, which was linked to PSHE and Science, the children had to create a healthy sandwich that they wanted to eat.  The class looked at different breads from around the world, fillings and salads.  There were quite a few tastings to be done.  The children all really enjoyed their sandwiches. 

Year 3 Science

To see if the children with the largest/longest muscles, could throw the furthest; we measured everyone in the class; measured out a 25 metre line in the hall using the trundle wheel; took it in turns to throw a beanbag and finally measured where it landed. 

From this investigation, we found out that it doesn’t matter how big/tall you are, you can still throw really far.  Some of them even reached 25m!