Year 3


The children have really enjoyed our English book this half term, learning all about myths in Arthur and the Golden Rope.  They have created some wonderful fact sheets all about Iceland, where the myth originates.  The children have also recounted chapters from our class novel, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The children have produced some wonderful writing which is on display in class.



The children have focused on fractions this half term. They have developed their understanding that fractions are all an equal part of a whole. They have been dividing amounts of shapes and numbers into thirds, fifths, eighths and tenths.



The children have been learning all about the different types of rocks and how fossils are formed. They have created their own fossils and completed a fact file on the famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. They also looked at different soil samples and were able to understand that soil is made from different matter.


Design Technology

The children created their dream sandwich and then improved this to make it healthier. The children enjoyed tasting different types of bread with the majority of the class preferring Wholemeal bread to any other. The children then designed their own boxes for their new, healthy sandwiches.



The children have learned the French version of the nursery rhyme, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. They have found this really enjoyable with many enjoying learning the names of parts of the body in French.  The children have also started to pronounce the months of the year in French.