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Y4 home learning

Year 4

As part of our work about One Plastic Bag, we visited Gillmoss Recycling Centre. We saw what happens to the rubbish that is recycled and were able to watch the machines sort it into paper and plastic.

When we got back to school, we used recycled materials to make our own purses and wallets.

This term we have been going to Kirkby High School to do Food Technology. We designed packaging for biscuits and then made our own biscuits. We also made herb bread, shortbreads and fairy cakes. We are excellent bakers and our food was delicious.

As part of children’s mental health week 2020, we have been thinking about what being brave actually means. We thought about people around us who we can turn to if we need somebody to talk to and about times when we have been brave. Some of us brought in objects for show and tell to speak about our feelings in class.