Year 4


We have been very busy in science this term, learning about how sounds are made and how sounds can be changed. We watched as vibrations made counters jump off a drum and carried out and investigation to see from how far away we could hear a pin drop. The results were amazing!


We have also made complete electric circuits and tested to find out which materials conduct electricity. All metals can be used in a circuit as they will conduct electricity. All other materials are insulators because they will break the circuit.



We have used ipads to research facts about Tobago, linked to our English work and the story ‘One Plastic Bag’


We had a great time at Kirkby High School, playing instruments and singing different rhythms and pitches. We loved call and response activities and were able to make music in groups and as a whole class.

Show and tell

During Children’s mental health week, we brought in objects that mean a lot to us to talk about to our class. We each had a turn at speaking, sharing the reasons for our choice of object. It was nice to listen to others and to share our own thoughts and feelings.