Year 4

We finished Year 4 with an exciting day out to Formby woods and beach to look at different habitats 

and their conditions. First, we went into two different woods to see what we could hear, see and smell. Then we climbed up onto the sand dunes before heading down onto the beach to look at the strandline. We found lots of shells, seaweed and even some tiny crabs that had been washed ashore. 

Finally we played on the beach, rolling down the sand dunes and paddling in puddles left by the tide. 

It was a fantastic end to our time in year 4. 


Olaf the Viking came to visit this term. He brought artefacts from Anglo Saxon and Viking times and we had to guess what they were used for. Josh dressed up as a Viking warrior and then we all went into the hall to do battle!

We also visited Liverpool Museum and found out even more about the Vikings. We held swords and shields and tried on the helmets. we were shocked at how heavy the weaponry was.

We have been finding out about electricity and its many uses in school and in our homes. We made simple circuits and then added a switch so that we could turn them on and off. A paper clip worked well as a switch because it is made of metal. Metal is a good switch because it conducts electricity. We tested other materials to see if they conduct electricity.

Congratulations to Year 4 for winning the punctuality competition for this term, keep it up!

We have been going to Kirkby High School every Wednesday morning to have music lessons. We have learnt all about Samba and have been lucky enough to play lots of different instruments including; surdo drums, shakers, go-go bells and tamborims. Every week we practised different rhythms and call and respond activities until eventually we were ready to perform. Our favourite part was ‘the rumble’ and playing ‘Don’t play this one back’.

In science we have been learning about teeth and how to look after them. We know that carnivores eat meat, herbivores eat plants and omnivores eat both plants and meat. Animals have different types of teeth depending on what they eat. We have done an investigation to test the how much damage different drinks will do to our teeth. We used egg shells instead of teeth and observed what happened. Have a look at some of our pictures.

Welcome to a new year in year 4. We have been very busy already learning about Georgia O’Keeffe in art and using her to inspire our own paintings and chalk pictures.

In English we went back to the time of Robin Hood, looking at historical settings, before finding out about life in a Victorian workhouse.

We are reading Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley, although we are yet to find out what Krindlekrax is. Some of us think it will be a crocodile or a dinosaur or even a magician.

In science we have been comparing plants and animals and naming them by making our own decision trees. The photographs show the animals that we used and the questions that we asked. We are going to collect 4 leaves and make a decision tree with them to find out what they are.