Year 4

Welcome to the Autumn term in Year 4. At the start of the term, we wrote our election speeches in the hope of being elected as Year 4 class representative on the school council. Having finalised our speeches, we read them aloud to the rest of our class. Next we went to the ballot box and voted for the person who we had persuaded us that they would represent us well. Tye gained the most nominations and now attends school council meetings on our behalf. Well done to everybody who applied for the position.

Maths – In Year 4, we enjoy the challenge offered by maths and we love using different methods to solve problems. We have been using different equipment to help develop our understanding of place value and addition and subtraction. Much of what we have done has involved playing games against partners which is always a lot of fun!

Art – We have been very busy in art, studying the work of Georgia O’Keeffe who painted American landscapes using watercolours. We were inspired by her work to create our own collages and chalk and painted watercolour flowers. We are very proud of our creations.


Music – We are very lucky to be learning how to play the violin in our class. We have a lesson every Thursday and we are already able to play some songs together. We are also learning about rhythms, beats and how to recognise different notes.