Year 4

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We are colour mixing in art as part of our painting unit of work. Having found out that primary colours are red, blue and yellow, we then made secondary colours; orange, green and purple. Investigating colour shades, we chose a colour and kept adding white paint to it to make a lighter shade. We mixed our colours on a palette and compared the shades before making a colour chart.



In history we have been learning about the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. We went to Liverpool World museum where we attended a workshop and looked at artefacts from the past. We dressed up in Viking style clothes and armour and practised weaving on a loom. Some of the tools that we looked at, we hadn’t seen before and we had to work out what they were used for.

While we were at the museum, we also went to visit the aquarium where we found out all about sea creatures and their habitats. We were able to touch starfish, crabs and sea anemone. Our photographs show us carefully touching the animals.