Year 4


To celebrate Christmas, we made each made a Christingle. We found out what the different parts of the Christingle represent:

  • the orange is the world
  • the cocktail sticks are the directions and the four seasons
  • the red ribbon is eternal love and the blood of Jesus
  • the fruit and sweets are the fruits of the land.


In design technology, we looked at different types of money containers and evaluated how useful they are for their purpose. Then we designed our own purse and decided which materials we would use to make them. Finally, we were able to make the wallet that we had designed using fabrics and accessories. We had to sew the main parts together and we are very pleased with our finished products.


We have also visited Kirkby library where we were lucky enough to see the Frankenstein art exhibition and make fun books of our own. We explored the books in the library and discussed our favourite authors and the types of books that we like to read. At the end of the day, we were all given a form so that we could become members of the library and borrow books whenever we like.


This half term we have been very busy in Science, finding out about the digestive system and what happens to the food that we eat. We have looked at the different types of teeth that animals have and have carried out an investigation to find out what effect different liquids have on our teeth if we don’t clean them properly. We used eggs instead of teeth. The vinegar stripped the whole of the shell from the egg. The water didn’t damage the egg at all. Look at our photos to see our results.

In science we have been classifying living things and grouping vertebrates. We have made sorting diagrams and used them to classify mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. Afterwards, we carried out research to discover more about different animals.


In guided reading, purple group have been finding out all about magnets by reading non-fiction books. They were very excited when they were able to test some of the theories that they had read about and could find out which materials were magnetic.



In art we have studied the fabulous work of Georgia O’Keeffe and have looked at the way she used water colours to paint flowers. We then used chalks to create our own flower pictures and mixed paints with water to make different shades of a colour. We are extremely proud of our flowers.