Year 5


Welcome to Year 5

On Thursday Year 5 went to Edge Hill University for an ‘Aspirational day’.

Not knowing what to expect they arrived with open minds ready to learn what they would be doing. The day was split into three parts, in the first part they learnt some Chinese, in the second they had ago at some problem solving and lastly they got to look around the university’s technology centre.

The day was a lot of fun but most agreed that the best part of the day was the virtual reality room and activities in the technology hub.


This term year 5 have looked at persuasive writing in English. After researching many different inspirational speeches from films such as ‘Braveheart’ , ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ they had to write their own inspirational battle speech and then perform it for the class.

Here are some of their speeches.