Year 5

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In Design Technology, we have been looking at different styles of puppets. From this, we have designed and made our own marionette and rod puppets in the theme of The Wizard of Oz. Once the puppets were finished we were ready for our performance, let the show begin!

In our Physical Education unit, we have been learning about different styles of dance in particular street dance. As a class, we put together a whole group performance and added our attitude and style.

Throughout our History of Liverpool unit, we have taken on the roles of many significant people within our own history. For example, as a class, we rein acted the famous Stanley and Molyneux feud and even created our own human timeline of the Liverpool Docks.

During the build-up to Easter, we have been looking at the Easter story and the emotions surrounding this time. As a class, we worked together to create our own freeze frames of the story and then we were able to retell the main events.