Year 6

Year 6 – Spring Term

We have had a very busy but enjoyable term.


During our weekly computing sessions, we worked in groups to make prototypes for wearable technology. Some of our designs included glasses that were doubled as a Smartphone as well as recording lessons so that the children could revise at home. Adverts were also made to promote the designs ready for marketing.


Library Visit

We visited Kirkby library to look at the Frankenstein gallery. We were given time to explore the many books and discussed our favourite ones.


Princes Road Synagogue

This term we have learned all about the Jewish religion and we were lucky enough to visit the beautiful synagogue in Princes Road, Liverpool. It was so amazing that it left us quite speechless for a while as we took in the colourful and exquisite decor. The Rabbi explained some of the Jewish customs and celebrations that take place in the synagogue.  After returning to school, we then tasted a selection of food that Jewish people eat during their Passover meal. The Matzah crackers were lovely.


English and Maths

Our two books this term have been ‘The song from somewhere else by A.F. Harold’ and ‘Holes by Louis Sachar.’

Some of us have been that inspired that we have written our own stories at home and also bought the books.

Each week we have been practising our basic skills and arithmetic. Mrs Cochrane said that we have made superb progress and we are more than ready for our SATs next term.