Children’s University

Ravenscroft’s Extra-Curricular Clubs

All children are offered the opportunity to join our clubs. A register is kept of the children’s attendance and these hours are logged by the Children’s University Co-ordinator (Mrs Cochrane).  Hours are then submitted to Children’s University in April. Please see below for an explanation of the awards and clubs on offer. Children’s University Graduation Ceremonies take place in June/July each year.

Number of hours Level Name of accreditation
30 Bronze Award
65 Silver Award
100 Gold Award
130 Bronze Certificate
165 Silver Certificate
200 Gold Certificate
230 Bronze Diploma
265 Silver Diploma
300 Gold Diploma
330 Bronze Degree
365 Silver Degree
400 Gold Degree


Children’s University 2019

On Thursday 13th June, 78 of our Key Stage 2 children graduated from Children’s University.

We had a variety of awards ranging from Bronze Awards to Gold Diplomas. It was a lovely morning and it was fantastic to see how proud the children were of themselves. In addition to these amazing achievements, we would like to also congratulate Lucy W who was this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award and Charlie B who was awarded this year’s Honorary Award.

Thank you to all of our parents and families who attended the ceremony.


N.B   Children who did not quite earn enough credits for an award this year will have these carried over to next year.