The school’s football season is now over and we have had a mixed season.  With only having just enough eligible players for the team, due to people not training or deciding not to play this year, the team has struggled. However, the team has given their best every time they have played and have kept their heads up when things have not gone their way and for that they deserve a huge well done!

As you can see from the final league table below we finished seventh overall in the league.

A huge well done to all the team!


Teams  Won  Drawn   Lost  Points  Final Position 
1. St Michael and All Angels  10  1    31  1st  
2. St Laurences  8  2  1  26  2nd  
3. Millbrook  8  1  2  25  3rd  
4. Northwood  7  3  1  24  4th  
5. Eastcroft  6  3  3  21  5th  
6. St Maries  7    4  21  6th  
7. Ravenscroft  5    6  15  7th  
8. Park Brow  3  2  6  11  8th  
9. Kirkby C of E  1  3  7  6  9th  
10. Westvale  1  2  8  5  10th  
11. St Joseph the Worker  1  1  9  4  11th  
12. St Peter and Paul    3  8  3  12th  

Girls Football Tournament 

Another hot day at the girls tournament which was held on the fields of All Saints, the girls got to play against each school in the competition, our tournament started off well earning ourselves a few points by holding tough teams to draws, as each game went by the heat was becoming an issue for all players and teams and unfortunately we started to let a few goals in. Unfortunately after holding tough teams to draws we struggled in the heat and allowed a few other teams to sneak past us. The girls done the school and team proud because to play 7 games in heat like that is an achievement itself.

Father Ryan

All of our football tournaments seemed to be played on the hottest days this year. The Father Ryan was no different; this team sacrificed their Saturday morning to play for our school team. The boys played well during this tournament and as the games progressed they did extremely well to keep their heads in the game as the temperatures kept rising. The boys won 1 and lost 2 which in heat like that is a fantastic achievement.

 Year 3 and Year 4 Football 

This was the first tournament in which our Year ¾ boys had the opportunity to play against other schools competitively. It was extremely hot standing on the Astroturf field at LFC Academy. We were placed in a group against 3 other schools from the Knowsley area. The boys played well together and showed that we will be expecting good players to progress with this team until Year 6. This is the first time that the boys got to show off their skills competitively and although nerves could have played a big part in the games we are confident that this team will begin to shine and produce great players.