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Year 1

Christmas Video


In Maths year 1 have been looking at number and place value and more recently addition and subtraction. We have been ordering numbers and using concrete resources to represent numbers in different ways. Currently we are using part whole models and ten frames to understand and answer questions relating to number bonds to 10.


In DT the children have been designing, making and evaluating fruit monsters. The children chose a variety of fresh fruit and created their fruit monsters. They evaluated them after tasting them and decided which words best described their fruit monster.


In Geography Year 1 have been looking at their local area. The children observed the school grounds and have been looking at buildings and facilities within the local area. The children created their own models to match those buildings.


In Computing Year 1 have been looking at online safety and what it means to stay safe online. The children have created avatars instead of using personal pictures and have learned how to search for and save information using IPADs.

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