School Council

Democracy Week – School Council

Children in KS1 and 2 have taken part in our school elections for this year’s school council.

At Ravenscroft, we believe that the pupil’s voice is extremely important. Each child has had the opportunity to prepare and present a speech to their classmates outlining why they think they would make a good class representative. During our assembly, we spoke about how this process relates to real life and how it was important to vote for the person they believe would do the best job of representing their class. Each child was then given one anonymous vote and the child with the most votes was then elected as the new class representative.

Following the elections of the class representatives, Year then prepared their Head Boy/Head Girl speeches. The candidates presented their speeches to their class and the two boys and two girls, who had received the most votes, were then informed that they would now present their speeches to the whole school. On Thursday 14th September, the 4 candidates presented each of their speeches to the whole school. They were fantastic and did themselves very proud. Each child, in each class then voted again for their Head Boy and Head Girl. The two children who were runners up were informed that they would too serve on the council as Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. Once again, it has been excellent to watch the children support one another, really consider why they would be a good role model and how respectful they have been through the process.

It now gives me enormous pleasure to announce our 2017/2018 School Council as:

Year 1 – Ada-Lily

Year 2 – Adam

Year 3 – Jade

Year 4 – Bobbi

Year 5 – Lucy

Year 6 –  Natalie (Head Girl)  and Gabby (Deputy Head Girl)

Mikey (Head Boy) and Dylan (Deputy Head Boy)

Congratulations to you all!