School Council

School Council Report to Governors

March 2018


All our council were elected by their classes (Y1-Y6) and the Head Boy and Head Girl by the school after giving speeches to the whole school. We have 9 council members and we meet in Miss Hegarty’s room every fortnight.

We meet before each meeting and write out the agenda to give to Miss Hegarty. I’m Chair I get to run the meetings; everyone has a chance to put things on the agenda and to talk at the meeting when we have AOB (Any Other Business). We ask Miss Hegarty lots of questions and have discussed the playgrounds, afterschool and lunchtime clubs. We make decisions about charities to support, projects, events and end of term prizes for attendance.


Gabby: I do website and promotions with Dylan

This is what we have done so far this year:

We helped with Parent review and gave out parent questionnaires we got lots back because Dylan and I were very persuasive.

We collected for food bank for Harvest and had a Spooky Disc for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust £143.50.

We sold poppies and wrist bands for Remembrance Day.  We helped with the Grotto and Christmas raffle raising £461.50 for school fund.  Our Christmas Jumper day for Unicef raised £142.80.


Hi i’m Dylan:

We are promoting Healthy Packed Lunches this term and have helped Miss Hegarty with a section for the website. The whole school council have got together to make posters and are going to speak to the rest of the school about healthy eating and snacks. Just in time for Easter.

We meet with Cathy the Cook each term and we asked each some questions and she asked our opinion so she could tell her boss.



We had a very successful Book Fair this term we sold £619.90 worth of books and we now have £309.95 to spend on books.

For World Book day we all got dressed up as characters, including the teachers and raised money for the Ava foundation £102.10. Ava’s mum is coming into school at the end of this term to receive the cheque.


Mrs Armstrong has worked with us on a Fair Trade fortnight project and poster winners were selected from each class. The winning posters are going to be displayed and put on the website.

The younger members will meet you at the next meeting in July, so you can meet everyone.


Year 1 – Ada-Lily

Year 2 – Adam

Year 3 – Jade

Year 4 – Bobbi

Year 5 – Lucy

Year 6 –  Natalie (Head Girl)  and Gabby (Deputy Head Girl)

Mikey (Head Boy) and Dylan (Deputy Head Boy)

Congratulations to you all!