Sing Up Assembly


Today, we held two assemblies to celebrate our ten years of being a singing school. The children were absolutely amazing and even brought lots of tears to some of the parent’s eyes.

Our theme this year was ‘Journeys’ as we have been on an incredible ten year journey during our work with Sing Up. After joining in 2009, we became the first school in Knowsley to achieve the Silver award. This was quickly followed by Gold and in 2012 we once again became the first school in Knowsley to achieve the Platinum Status.

Some of the ten songs that were sung today included:

  • A sailor went to sea
  • The Bare Necessities
  • I turn on the tap/I walk to the stream
  • Believe
  • One moment/One people (Sing Up day song)



Today, the foundation department held their very own Sing Up assembly.

The children sang a collection of songs including:

  • I’ve got a grumpy face
  • Shake your sillies out
  • The ‘Double’ rap


 Thank you to all of our families for coming and supporting your children and the school.