Ravenscroft European Day of Languages

Ravenscroft Celebrate European Day of Languages (EDOL)

Every year in September schools across the country celebrate EDOL and this year Ravenscroft decided we would participate to, to celebrate different languages and cultures across Europe.

Each year group selected a different European country to study, the children absolutely loved learning about their country and enjoyed speaking the language in school.

EYFS studied Portugal and Portuguese
Year 1 studied Italy and Italian
Year 2 studied France and French
Year 3 studied Romania and Romanian
Year 4 studied Spain and Spanish
Year 5 studied Belgium and Belgian
Year 6 completed a comparison about Germany and Poland and studied German and Polish.

Whole School Activities –

Across the school all of the children completed flag decorations, studied their focus language and learned key phrases such as salutations, questions such as what is your name and how are you and some classes even learned some foods and drinks!

Each class has completed a display in their classroom to celebrate the wonderful work that the children have completed this week. In KS2 children have created information posters, some have created advertisement posters which showcase the language and the landmarks of the country they studied. In KS1 the children created guided posters and used the language in school everyday such as; the register and labelling colours/ objects around the classroom.

Across the school the children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in EDOL this year, it is so important that children understand other languages and learn about other countries and their beautiful cultures.  Well done to all of the children and staff at our school for creating such lovely work this week. Have a look at the pictures below.