Year 5 and 6 Rounders

The Year 5/6 rounder’s team played in the Knowsley rounder’s tournament held at The Prescot School, the boys and girls had been placed in a league with 4 other schools from the Knowsley area. The boys and girls played a brilliant first game beating our first competitors. Then in our second game the score was very close, but, Ravenscroft held out to win the game. Going into our third game with two wins the children thought “we have to win this game!” and that is exactly what they did beating the other school with a great score. In our final league game we were faced with a team who had won all of their games like us, so in this game the children knew if we were to lose we would be going home, but, the children put up a fantastic fight to secure a place in this year’s final winning the game. We were faced with the challenge of the other league winners, the children from Ravenscroft rounder’s team stepped up to this challenge and beat our competitors to take home the winner’s trophy for 2017/18.