Ravenscroft Reception Sept 2021 – Parents Information

Nursery Long Term Plan Year 2

Reception Long Term Plan Year 2

Parent Information about Tapestry

Foundation Home Learning 

Suggested Timetable Nursery

Suggested Timetable Reception

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Reception Maths Awards Scheme

Please see link below to discover our School’s Maths award scheme for children in Reception.

Reception Maths Awards

Nursery Summer Term 

Nursery have been having lots of fun recently. We’ve spent lots of time outside playing on our new seesaw and inside exploring our role-play shop. We have also been working very hard learning how to read and write our names, practising our number skills, expressing our creative side making masks and having fun developing our rhyming skills by playing rhyming pirates.


Reception Summer Term

Currently Reception are enjoying learning all about worms during their literacy session by reading the book ‘Yucky Worms’.  We are learning many facts such as there are 20 worms in every square metre of your garden.  Ask your child about any other facts they have learnt so far.  Their interest in worms and other bugs has been continued in their own play during continuous provision.


Foundation Christmas

In the pictures of our foundation children you will see that these unusual circumstances haven’t stopped us providing the children with the usual Christmas fun.  They have made a variety of things from Christmas cards, advent calendars, Kirkby Christmas stars and more.  They have played in our Christmas role play and in the outdoor North Pole Post Office.  They have learnt about the Christmas story both through our virtual play and small world play. They have also had funny making (and eating) delicious snowman biscuits.

Keep your eyes peeled on tapestry for the debut viewing of a virtual Whoops a Daisy angel.  It is definitely worth a watch as your children have been their fantastic selves.


Road Safety September 2020

Reception Parent Letter – Road Safety

How Safe is Your Child – Road Safety

Foundation Return September 2020

All the children had great fun returning or starting in our Foundation.  We joined in with dancing and learning our Thursday Rhyme which was a sailor went to sea.  We enjoyed playing with old friends and making new ones. Have a look at a couple of pictures from today’s fun.










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