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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


In Autumn term in Science we have been looking at seasonal changes and how we can observe this within the environment. We have been on an autumnal walk and in the New Year we will have another walk to see the changes within our weather and environment.


In Maths we have been looking at number and place value within 10 and 20 and also addition and subtraction. The children have worked so hard to develop their understanding of number and are familiar with various mathematical tools such as ten frames, part whole models and even bar models! The children are confident in using pictorial and concrete materials to help them with their work.


The children learned all about happiness and what makes us happy. The children made their own happiness boxes and enjoyed presenting them to the class. They discussed what makes them happy and were able to explain why.


In Geography the children have been developing their understanding of the local area. They have used maps with aerial views and keys. The children have also searched for familiar locations in our local area on an interactive map too.

DT / Art

In DT the children have developed their understanding of fruit and how all fruit tastes and looks different. The children tried and tasted various fruits, they then decided which they liked the most and created a fruit monster using their favourites.

In Art the children have recently been looking at the topic of printing,  we have used our fingers, objects and sponges to create different images.

Year 1 News

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