Kirkby Scibar

Kirkby Scibar – May meeting

The next SciBar meeting will be on Tuesday 21st May from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Holy Angels Social Club, Sydney Powell Avenue, L32 0TP in Westvale.

The talks are accessible and suitable for older primary school children and anyone above that – basically from 10 to 110!

This month’s topic is – How do you observe 1.35 billion cubic kilometres  of Ocean?

Dr Matt Donnelly – Marine Data Scientist 

The oceans play a key role in the climate and provide a habitat for a wide range of marine life, but with an average depth of 3.7km how on earth do you collect the data to understand it’s physical properties, how it moves and how it supports life?

 Find out about the robotic Argo floats used to sustain our observations of this dynamic underwater world.

SciBars are simply science in a bar or a Social Club. Every month we bring you a different scientist who leads a discussion about their research. Come and enjoy a drink and a lively scientific discussion at the Kirkby SciBar. You don’t need to know any science at all.