Kirkby Scibar

Tuesday 21st January 2020  from 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Holy Angels Social Club,  Sydney Powell Avenue, L32 0TP,  next door to St Michael and All Angels  Catholic Primary School

Tribology of Spacecraft Mechanisms: 48 million Miles Without an Oil Change with Dr Michael Buttery

Tribology – the science of friction and wear – is encountered in all aspects of our daily lives, from the brake pads in our cars, to the soles of our shoes. The same is true for spacecraft mechanisms, which often have to operate for several years in the extreme harsh environment of the vacuum of space, with no chance of maintenance in the case of misbehaviour. The AA Van can’t go to space if anything goes wrong!!

My talk will discuss the problems and complexities encountered by spacecraft mechanism engineers, including examples from the Galileo Spacecraft mission (2.8 billion miles), the recently launched BepiColombo 48 million miles mission to Mercury, and the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope.

SciBars are simply science in a bar or a Social Club. Every month we bring you a different scientist who leads a discussion about their research. Come and enjoy a drink and a lively scientific discussion at the Kirkby SciBar. You don’t need to know any science at all. Enquiring minds are particularly welcome. (meetings are accessible and suitable for older primary school children and all ages above – basically from 10 to 110 !!! )