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Why teach Geography?

At Ravenscroft, we aim to provide an enriching and high-quality Geography curriculum to inspire our children to develop a curiosity and fascination about their world and the people in it. Our teaching equips pupils with knowledge about the differences and diversity of places and people, together with resources found in the natural and human environment. Our curriculum will enable our children to investigate their local area and build upon their use of geographical vocabulary. Children will be taught to develop their knowledge of physical and human processes and the formation and use of landscapes and environments and how to discover these places through mapping. We hope to foster a love of learning for Geography, as the children gain knowledge and skills through class-based learning and experience alongside hands-on fieldwork and trips.

How we teach Geography

Our Geography curriculum has been progressively planned across the year groups. Key knowledge and skills are built on year upon year with key concepts being specifically taught within each year group. As children move into Key Stage 2, they work on objectives that foster independence and inquiry so that they can build on and consolidate what they have learned in each year group. Geography is taught through dedicated topics with cross curricular links planned wherever possible so to maximise curriculum coverage. We offer opportunities for children to go out and participate in ‘real life’ experiences, providing engagement through visits and studying localities first-hand.

What your child will learn

  • A secure understanding of the world around them.
  • A wide range of geographical vocabulary.
  • Knowledge of the location of places, seas and oceans, including human and physical features.
  • A range of geographical skills, including collecting and interpreting data gathered through fieldwork.
  • The ability to interpret a range of sources of geographical information, including maps, aerial photographs and diagrams.

Long Term Plan & Progression

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