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English Curriculum Statement

At Ravenscroft, we aim to provide purposeful activities for reading, writing and discussion as we believe that skills in these areas are essential to everyday life.

We believe that language and communication skills are a priority for the success of our children and that an understanding of language will provide access to the whole curriculum. It is our intention that through our teaching of English, pupils will develop skills and understanding in all areas of language which will enable them to become confident speakers, readers and writers and to express themselves confidently and effectively by articulating opinions, ideas and feelings.

It is our intention that all children learn to speak and listen with the confidence and accuracy necessary to articulate feelings, opinions and ideas and with the expression necessary to communicate meaning effectively.

We strive to offer all of our children access to a wide and varying range of texts by aiming to create a reading rich environment that promotes a love for reading and enables children to form personal responses about a wide range of texts that they read with independence and confidence. We aim for all children to read regularly to a high standard across a range of subjects and to confidently discuss books and extracts.

Through our curriculum, we aim to provide children with experiences and opportunities to develop their skills to write imaginatively and creatively. We want our children to confidently edit and improve their writing and to adapt their language and style for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences so that they reach their full potential.

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