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At Ravenscroft, we believe that language and communication skills are a priority for the success of our children and that an understanding of language will provide access to the whole curriculum. Through our teaching of English, pupils will develop skills and understanding in all areas of language which will enable them to become confident speakers, readers and writers and to express themselves confidently and effectively.

Pupils are taught the importance of speaking confidently and with expression in order to communicate meaning effectively. To develop spoken language, pupils are encouraged to structure language to express themselves clearly in discussions and debates. We believe that spoken language underpins reading and writing and that pupils should discuss their ideas to develop an understanding of their learning.

By using high quality texts, we encourage our pupils to have a love of reading, enabling them to form personal responses about a variety of text types. We aim for all children to read regularly to a high standard across a range of subjects. Through guided reading, we encourage our children to discuss books and extracts, focusing on fluency, comprehension, and the acquisition and understanding of new vocabulary.

Through our curriculum, we provide children with experiences and opportunities to develop their skills to write imaginatively and creatively. We want our children to confidently edit and improve their writing so that they feel proud of the finished product.

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