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Why we teach Music

In line with our Sing Up Music Curriculum, we aim for every child to have access to high-quality, practical and engaging musical experiences.

We want all children to develop the self-confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding to develop a life-long love of music, whilst also providing a secure foundation that enables them to take music further should they wish to.

The Sing Up curriculum is designed and written by subject specialists and the units represent a complete progressive library of resources that meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music, the suggested approaches of the Model Music Curriculum as well as the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage. Sing Up draws on a broad range of musical traditions, using authentic songs and materials.

 We are proud to be a Platinum Sing Up School.

How we teach Music

Sing Up Music is based on the premise of every child throughout the school taking part in a music lesson every week. There is a scheme of work for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 through to Year 6.

Sing Up Music lessons are well-structured and also include songs and games that can be played at other times throughout the week, for example, when children are lining up for lunch, team building and tidying up times.

KS1 and 2 also have timetabled Singing Assemblies every week as well as planned performances throughout the year (e.g Harvest, Christmas and our annual Sing Up School Assemblies). We have a KS1 Singing Club as well as a KS2 Choir.

What your child will learn

Our Music lessons cover a broad and diverse range of repertoire, approaches and musical traditions. Each year group is allocated a variety of composers to study throughout the year. Sing Up Music supports a fully-integrated approach to musical development, connecting the interrelated strands of singing, playing, improvising, composing, listening and appraising.

When children reach Year 4, they are able to take part in a full year of Wider Opportunities or instrumental music lessons that are taught by music specialists. This means that by the time children have left Ravenscroft, they have all had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Some children are then selected to continue with this provision throughout Year 5 and 6.

Through our Sing Up curriculum, we would expect all children to enjoy their lessons and make very good progress over time.

The collection of evidence to demonstrate pupil’s progress is written into each year group’s units of work for Reception and all KS1 and KS2 children.  A progression snapshot activity occurs within a unit at three points during the year – Autumn, Spring and Summer Term. This activity involves the collecting of video evidence to pass onto the Music Lead.


Long Term Plan

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