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Headteacher: Mrs O Coleman

Teaching Staff:

Miss L Milner (Deputy)
Mrs N Cochrane
Mrs A Cronican
Mr L Hughes
Mrs C Lally
Miss E Tomlinson
Miss L Lehan
Mrs K Lloyd
Mr J Gilmore

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J Bond
Mrs J Molyneux
Miss A Casey
Mrs H Armstrong
Mrs S Mather
Miss S King
Mrs P Fleming
Sports Coach – Mr D Newman

Site Manager:

Mr P Burke

Child Protection and Pastoral Lead: 

Miss N Clarke


Mrs K Walmsley
Mrs L Scully
Miss S Daley
Miss T Clarke

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs J Bond
Mrs S Mather
Miss A Casey
Miss S King

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs F Lammond
Mrs S Croxall
Mrs A Baines
Mrs M Yeoman


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