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Reading at Ravenscroft

At Ravenscroft we plan reading around a range of quality texts to provide our children with the opportunity to form opinions about author styles and text genres. They are encouraged to apply their reading skills for a range of purposes as they work across the curriculum reading from fiction and non-fiction books as well electronic texts and real-life examples such as newspapers, brochures, leaflets and instructions.

We teach reading skills discretely in Reading Journal sessions using a whole class novel which is read to pupils by the class teacher. In these lessons, we teach children how to structure responses to different question types modelling the use of sentence stems and oral rehearsal. 

English lessons at Ravenscroft are planned using the Power of Reading and focus on using quality texts as a tool to support and develop both reading and writing skills and to introduce a wealth of new vocabulary. The texts used cover a range of genres and children are encouraged to apply reading skills for different purposes such as, extracting information, undertaking research, forming opinions, making links, forming arguments.

At Ravenscroft we use Oxford Reading Tree as our core reading scheme. Fluent readers are also encouraged to choose books from the school library to develop their independent reading skills. Children are encouraged to read regularly at home and are rewarded with a raffle ticket each week for doing this with the lucky draw winners receiving a book of their choice.

Children also read to an adult in school each week and to the class teacher as part of a group in daily guided reading sessions. Through guided reading, we encourage our children to discuss books and extracts, focusing on fluency, comprehension, and the acquisition and understanding of new vocabulary with others at a similar reading level.

We follow the Phonics Shed programme to deliver daily phonics to all children across EYFS and KS1 in order build the foundations for reading. Children are encouraged to sound words out to help them read words, but they are also encouraged to develop their ability to read words from sight and to develop their fluency.

To promote a love for reading, we provide opportunities for our children to enjoy books of their choice holding regular book swaps, book fairs, ‘Come Read with Me’ sessions for parents, World Book Day events, playtime reading, reading buddy partners and Reading Star certificates to acknowledge enjoyment of reading.

At Ravenscroft, we have Reading Champions who are chosen from Year 5 for their love of reading, their effort and resilience when it comes to reading and their willingness to share their passion and enthusiasm with others to promote reading throughout the school.

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