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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



In Art, we have enjoyed learning about the work of Georgia O’Keeffe and have used her style to inspire our own watercolour flower paintings.


Science Animals

This term in Science we have found out about animals and the different groups that they belong to. We have been classifying animals by looking at their features and deciding whether they are vertebrates or invertebrates. We used decision trees to help us name animals and then made our own by writing questions to separate our chosen animals.


Science Electricity

In science we are now learning about electricity and how it is used to make things work. We have made our own circuits and investigated why some circuits are not complete. Did you know that some components work off the mains electricity and some are battery powered? Batteries that are recharged, are connected to the mains until they are full.

Voting Year 4

At the start of the term, we had democracy week and we all wrote a speech to persuade our classmates to vote for us to be the Year 4 class representative on the school council. Some of us chose to read ours to the class and then we all voted for our first choice. We also watched video recordings of the Year 6 candidates wanting to be Head Representatives and then voted again. We posted our voting slips into the ballot box so that it was a secret and the winners were announced after all ballot slips were counted. Lydia was voted class representative In Year 4.


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